About Us

Fixe software, formed in 2008, are the leading company to choose for your Business Intelligence and custom development projects. They are recognised for their innovation, problem solving and creativity.

Fixe have thirteen years of experience and only undertake work or provide a service that is within their professional competence and do not claim any level of competence that they do not possess.  Fixe continually develop and maintain their competence, professional knowledge, and awareness of relevant technological developments, procedures, and standards.

Fixe act with integrity and respect in all professional relationships; they demonstrate due care and diligence to their clients and exercise professional judgement even when it is not in their own interests.  Fixe always deliver on their promises and commitments. They follow good practice operate by rules, standards, conventions or protocols that are relevant.  Fixe accept professional responsibility for their work and seek to improve professional standards through participation in their development, use and enforcement.