Company Mission

Fixe Software exisits to professionally deliver the benefits of quality software development and BI technologies to the whole business community.

Company Values

At Fixe Software we are known for :

  • Our innovation, problem solving and creativity in finding new ways to do things. We accelerate, innovate, deliver.
  • Only undertaking to do work or provide a service that is within our professional competence.
  • Not claiming any level of competence that we do not possess
  • Always delivering on our promises and commitments
  • Seeking out and observing good practice exemplified by rules, standards, conventions or protocols that are relevant
  • Continually developing  and maintaining our competence, professional knowledge, and maintaining awareness of relevant technological developments, procedures, and standards

Within our profession we are known for:

  • Acting with integrity and respect in our professional relationships
  • Demonstrating due care and diligence to our clients whilst exercising our professional judgement even when it is not necessarily in the interests of our company.
  • Accepting professional responsibility for our work and for the work of colleagues who are defined in a given context as working under our supervision.
  • Accepting personal duty to uphold the reputation of the profession and not taking any action which could bring the profession into disrepute.
  • Seeking to improve professional standards through participation in their development, use and enforcement.