Custom development

Sometimes - off the shelf software is not quite the ‘one size fits all’ solution your business requires. After all, no two businesses are the same. That’s where we can help.

Bespoke, tailor made solutions offer the best of both worlds. We can engineer solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, provide full featured reporting, plug gaps in present packages or offer direct control and flexibility to your organisation.

Value for money

Though custom software can sometimes be perceived as expensive, actually in many cases it represents great value for money. Rather than a possible need to purchase an entire suite of software just to gain one or two specific functions, custom software can be void of multiple licence needs and can be completely focused on the task you need.

Depending on the type of work requiring completion, Fixe can provide outsourced & development work on a hourly/daily contract basis, or on a fixed price for completion payment.  The skillset available is all types of Windows and Web development on Microsoft platforms.  Fixe can also source skills in other technology types through a network of skilled colleagues.

Our team is well versed in understanding complex and quite often ‘quirky’ business requirements, choosing the right approach and involving you throughout the process as much or little as you wish to deliver  a valued, tailored solution. In fact we’re so confident in our approach that we offer a simple promise, *our solutions are on time, on budget or on us!
*This is subject to a project planning meeting, documented and approved schedule and specification applicable for larger projects only. 


We follow a fully documented, guaranteed and client involved approach. For each custom development project we create a realistic virtual IT environment to closely match and mimic your business network, IT infrastructure and environment. This proven approach ensures a trouble free implementation and identifies any weak areas either in your network, or our code long before any crucial data has touched the system.

Client portal

At Fixe software we love our clients to feel part of the build and fully understand where we are in the process, what is next to be delivered and when the all important completion and go-live date will be reached. We provide an exclusive portal/customer area detailing exactly these things. Reports, specification documents, help material and a user friendly contact and feature tracker are provided as standard to help keep you fully advised.